What are the key benefits of Coffee Cup Advertising?

Coffee Cup Advertising has many core strengths and benefits you’ve probably heard or seen before, and many that you may have thought, yet never asked yourself why? Disposable coffee cups offer a highpoint benefit which allows the consumer to touch and feel a brand advertisement on a printed cup in their hand; feeling a warmth, while also feeling positive.7e81b2b52f85a078d1d088c5c08d6412
The effects of caffeine from coffee heighten alertness as a warm sensation affects the body; placing your mind in a more receptive state. A marketing theory based on research,

which was scientifically and psychologically proven.


This powerful marketing touch point, takes place over an average of 37 minutes of consumption, while consumers raise and lower the printed cups to eye level more than 20 times during consumption; while feeling warm and positive.




Coffee Cup Advertising offers more one-on-one brand advertising exposure time than almost any other advertising medium known to man.Printed cups provide a built in inbound marketing formula that allows consumers to come to your brand advertisement while holding it in their hand rather than using strict Outbound Advertising which pushes consumers away. Such as an annoying T.V. commercial that gets louder between programs.

Like Outdoor Advertising, this alternative Out Of Home (OOH) medium has similar studies that show an average of six (6) other people will see and become exposed to the disposable coffee cups advertisement. From the time it is brewed and placed into the cup, during its travel and consumption and even to its place of disposal.

Due to advancements made in mobile technology, and the birth of Social Media, Brand Advertisers can also place a QR Code, NFC Code, POS /Bar-Codes for coupons, discounts, tickets and other such offers on disposable coffee cups as a medium.

Printed cups with a call to action (CTA) in the Ad, can direct their target audience to use mobile devices to connect further and engage consumer audiences. Via eCommerce shopping cart websites, view a video, preview a new car, product or service commercial. Play or participate a new game, download a new loyalty app, take a survey, listen to music and even read about new books, news, and magazines, visit social media websites and the list goes on.