Why use Klick Advertising?

What we  do

We specialise in advertising on disposable paper cups

We offer a very efficient medium to marketers

We offer more traceable and measurable marketing

We will be initially distributing to Cairo based locations

Woman Drinking CoffeeHow we do it

Adopting an innovative medium with tremendous possibilities

Bench-marking the scientific data to support the concept

Printing CTAs (call to action) and traceable content for more accurate monitoring

Secured contracts with shops and provide subsidized cups

Understanding the market lifestyle, habits and needs



Consumers buy their coffees from the same place. Repeated impression increases the exposure and builds a long-term trust with your brand.



Having printed CTAs on cups allows consumers to directly access your business via your website, promotions, discount offers etc.

 679b859725bb3bee6d443de6bc772d60CAFFEINE EFFECT

Caffeine heightens alertness putting consumers mind in a more receptive and positive state to accept advertising.



More than 85% of students have a   smart phone, and more than 97% of the A and B classes. CTA helps to monitor and track your success rate more accurately.

a-group-of-people-clipart-76+ PEOPLE PER CUP

On average 6 people or more see your cups from the time of purchase. Branded cups are thousands of mini-billboards across Cairo.



With a consumption rate of 30 minutes per drink, cups deliver impressive consumer exposure compared to a basic 15 second advertisement.


Unlimited cup supply to locations and caterers for free, simple. All manufactured in EGYPT with the highest quality.



Each design is like a piece of art, it’s not an advertisement anymore. The highest quality cups represent your positive image.